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Getting alone with the guy...

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Jul. 16th, 2005 | 02:38 pm
posted by: sara_super_id in planned_gf_hood

So I have suceeded in helping my prospective boyfriend break up with his current girlfriend. I am not sure if it was the stupid grin left on his face after I kissed him that pissed his girlfriend off when he sauntered on home, or the lateness of his arrival home. But they had some sort of fight and broke up.

Then he showed up at my house to tell me, on the worst possible night. I had friends over that kept me from having private time with him and that said embarrassing things and put me in a grumpy mood. We were holding hands and cuddling, but I got embarrassed when my friend made fun of us, and so I kind of stiffened up and wasn't very cuddly.

So he left my house with out me having a chance to show him, I was waiting to be his new girlfriend.

He went home alone and got sad. He is now missing his girlfriend. He is worrying about how hard new relationships are.

How can I show him that the best thing to do is forget her and come make out with me? I am going to see him at game tonight, but he will be too busy coaching to spend time alone with me.

I am going to try to invite myself along on his long drive to pick up one of the players, then we can be alone all the way there.

Well wish me luck girlfriends in waiting!

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